Classes / Workshops at The Studio:Ipswich

I run classes and workshops from my studio in Ipswich.
You can find out more from the blog 
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No Art Classes in my studio in Ipswich
because of covid...
hopefully all back to normal in the near future. Keep safe! 
My classes are not about creating masterpieces, but about exploration. 
My students use the time with me to leave the stress and tension of life outside the studio and immerse themselves in the moment, to contemplate the stillness of a stone, a pot, compare their qualities, size, and shape, to fall in love with the gentle form of a petal; recreate the stunning vistas of another landscape. My Life classes are an opportunity to be adventurous and take a fresh look at life drawing; where is the weight, the dynamic the flow?

Here are the details of the classes and workshops coming up.

....Stuck for the perfect present....(for yourself or someone else!)

Why not give someone a taster session as a present, the perfect gift.

Tuesday and Wednesday Art mornings  

 9.30 -12.00 am:  £12 a session.
Develop your art alongside me the Studio. I can help with advice and  suggestions. Work from still lives, sketches, photographs or your imagination. 

Private Tutorials

Arrange a time to suit you; from £25 a half hour session.
Explore oil paints, develop your style, or prepare your portfolio?  Let’s develop a personalised program worked around your aims and needs.

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