Monday 2 February 2015

Art at Arlingtons February 2015

 Fab! All the paintings at Arlingtons Brasserie's new upstairs gallery sold! Hooray! Not only great for food in Ipswich, but great for art too....
The new exhibition launched 1st of February 2015 and the P.V. is this Thursday, 5th of February
If you are in Ipswich, come and join us at 7pm  for a glass of wine.
to see more check out the link below.
so I'm showing the jive a knock down price of £285 all 50cm x 50cm oil on canvas
grab em while there there folks!
                                           As long as I'm Moovin'

                                           Get with the Jive

                                          Gotta Lotta Rhythm

                                          Rock around with Ollie Vee

there will also be work by the fabulous
Valerie Armstrong, Dale Devereux Barker, Ed Cooper, Cat Fuller, Roger Hardy, and Ruth Richmond

to see more check out the link below.

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