Tuesday 22 November 2016

exploring the perspex

So, the perspex ideas,
the sketches

developed into an idea about Leonardo's vitruvian man,
I took zillions of photos,
arranged them as the man... then did more.. (poor Leo)

then did small perspex studies... using clip frames perspex and stained glass window paint.
The perspex and paint is interesting, different light affect it, viewing from either side is different. I planed to scratch, distort, drip, use Leos words as the writing.
I bought a big sheet of 8 x 4 feet and had it cut in two.
I began making the painting.
 I stuck photographs to the back and traced them
 too much painting, too hunky, too religious.
 breaking it down again, trying to get the involuntary movements.

Breaking it down more, scraping it off, hands too religious... (god and Adam) changed hands.
At the moment I hate it, so I am giving it a little gap. I have some further ideas going back to the simple out line, perhaps a see through wall, so you can see all the other paintings through it and exploring a sort of crime wall.

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