Sunday 4 January 2009

New Years Holls

Well its the New Year now!

Hudge, I, Orlando and two of his friends have just got back from a few days in France.
We had a great time. We went to our little house in the Swiss Normond, (we used to have an old crumbling place near Nantes but sold that and got this one last March, nearer and much less crumbling.....this was our first winter there.) We left it a bit late to book the tunnel so had to get an 8.00 train back this morning which meant travelling through the night. - actually exciting, all wrapped up, empty roads.
Late New Years Eve after dinner, we were all enjoying the fire and Hudge went downstairs for a quick pee. (you have to be quick cus its bloody freezing and you could freeze your knackers off.)
he was peeing away happy in the knowledge that we were deep in the country and although the curtain was only half up, who could see..... when there was a tap at the window and there were three lovely ladies, - they were our neighbours inviting us for a celebratory drink... hopefully they weren't too worried, - this is the land of the urinal, and so off we went next door to join the party.
Well we are back now, rested and ready for the New Year.
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