Tuesday 23 December 2014

Art at Arlingtons

The Fabulous Arlingtons Brasserie in Ipswich; http://arlingtonsbrasserie.co.uk/ have opened up a new exhibition gallery where you can see four of my little paintings!( all for sale at £250)

Wednesday 3 December 2014

I'm showing work at The Freudian Sheep Gallery, Ipswich, IP4 2LB

These are the pieces I'm showing,
 Diverted Attention; oil on canvas; 100cm x 100 cm;

 Arranging the Oranges; oil on canvas; 100cm x 100cm;
 Winter Light at Landguard Fort; oil on canvas; 90cm x 90 cm;

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Exhibition this Weekend

This weekend I am showing Ruth Richmonds fabulous drawings and Emma Reynolds interesting sculptures in my studio...http://thestudioipswich.blogspot.co.uk/
anyone around is very welcome to come.

Monday 3 November 2014


I'm educating myself some more about past women artists, and have bought lots of new books lately to read...  50 women artists you should know is very informative, especially about Renaissance artists. I have just received Marlene Dumas  Paula-Modersohn-Becker- Wassily-Kandinsky and Gabriele-Munter- Kathe-Kollwitz- Woman and Artist  and I await my book on Suzanne-Valadon
Then today someone posted this on FB that I thought I would share with you!...ooooo I love Dada!

Thursday 30 October 2014

Wow its ages since I wrote here...

Well, lots has been going on.
Tuesday mornings my students come and paint with me... their oil painting is evolving weekly, its so lovely to see them develop their skill. Tuesday evenings is my art class at the Ipswich Institute, click here for details. and Wednesday evening is life drawing in  The Studio:
But last night there was no drawing; as October has five Wednesdays, so I could go to the opening of the Spill Festival http://spillfestival.com/all-events/  which is being held here in Ipswich. Four jam packed days of events, a snapshot into the wild and wonderful world of 'Live Art'.

However I have been painting. the muse has visited at last... phew! Here are the latest in the Interior in France series. they are all 90cm x 90cm and painted in oil on canvas.

and I have been working on small studies inspired by my trip to my friend Zoe at her home at Moulin de la Conque, in the wild Corbieres in Languedoc Roussillion in France.http://ciedelaconque.tumblr.com/

Wednesday 17 September 2014

So...no time to rest!

Wednesday Night Life Drawing tonight. Its the third one of the September Block.  Everyone is working so hard with great results.

But... not many people have signed up for the next set of classes.  Its such incredibly good value at £48 for four sessions. thats just £12 for a model and tutor... Come on people, take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

October 1, 8, 15 and 22nd, 6.30 - 8.30pm
November 5, 12, 19 and 26th

I also plan to run an all day
Life Drawing Workshop on Saturday 6th December.
10am - 3pm, tea and coffee provided and please bring a dish to share for lunch: just £40 for the day, with a £5 discount if you have already been on a short course. Please let me know as soon as possible to save your space.
There will be a break for Christmas and off we go again from 7th January 2015

Tuesday Art mornings  

10.00 -12.30 am: Only £10 a session.
Develop your art alongside me the Studio. I can help with advice and  suggestions. Work from still lives, sketches, photographs or your imagination. 

Private Tutorials

Arrange a time to suit you; from £25 a session.
Explore oil paints, develop your style, or prepare your portfolio?  Let’s develop a personalised program worked around your aims and needs

Tuesday 29 July 2014

I've been to Zoes place amid the fabulous mountains again!

 I haven't written about the lovely time I had last week at my pal Zoe's place down in the south of France last week...I've been so engrossed with the painting of the studio to get it ready for the classes and exhibition in September.
Zoe lives up in the mountains in an old water mill. Woofers come and help her with the huge vegetable garden and the ongoing building projects. (Both of which have come on a pace, as her grown up children, having finished their studies, have returned home to live for a time,- life in the art world being as it is at the moment...)
It was a holiday of contrasts.
Isolation, I swam in the mountain pools, walked in the countryside, the we drove for hours to a busy tourist spot by the sea. One day I was privileged to attend a birthday feast; tables pushed together, in a tumbled down courtyard under the shade of the fig trees. Complete with stripy tops and guitar music. Then the next we listened to three friends of Zoe's recording jazz in the living room at at ex pats smart converted barn. We bought goats cheese and merguez at a tiny farmers market, attended a festival in the market square of La Grass until the early hours, enjoying the music of  'Bobs not dead' (a punk lad with a guitar) and 'Lo Jo'..a band I have seen here at home in Ipswich. We heard an aged pianist and huge German trombonist playing Shubert in the tiny church at Mont Joi...
I took photos for paintings inspired as ever by the beautiful light and simplicity and charm of Zoe's home.

Perhaps for me the highlight was, as ever, the solitary times down at the river. A scramble down a hidden path to the waters edge. I sat watching the play of dark and light, the song of the birds, the music of the water. I entered the pools, swam naked amongst the trout and minnows...drying on the  the warm boulders. A dragonfly alighted on my finger, one ate his lunch on my knee...
Thank you Zoe, my friend for all these years...(since primary school...)
Fab time!

Saturday 26 July 2014

One coat of paint applied

and already The Studio looks fab!
Orlando helped me to paint it. Phew, a mammoth job in this heat.
The September Wednesday Night Life Drawing is already full up, so that's fantastic! Anyone wanting to come in October give me a call.
And... I am preparing a GRAND OPENING EXHIBITION ... for the Saturday13th September. I've aranged the artists, the music is planned... watch this space for details!

Tuesday 1 July 2014

New look for the studio....

I have had lots of enquiries about tutored life classes and I am happy to say I will be running them again from September in my soon to be refurbished and hopefully beautiful Studio.  My Tuesday morning 'Drop In' will continue and I hope to be offering all day workshops and demonstrations as well as the odd pop up exhibition. (Check out the new blog for more info about it all at http://thestudioipswich.blogspot.co.uk/ )

Here are the details of the Life Classes. Please tell anyone who you may think is interested and if you want to print off a couple and pop them in your favourite arty places that would be wonderful... I need to get the word out to make it a truly buzzing and vibrant space.

An opportunity to be adventurous and take a fresh look at life drawing with an experienced tutor and model; where is the weight, the dynamic, the flow?    Delve deeper into the human form.
        Classes are in four week blocks, starting on 3rd September and are incredibly good value at £48.00.
        Booking is essential as places are limited to 8, book by the end of  August to secure yours.
                   For more info check out the blog; http://thestudioipswich.blogspot.co.uk/

Wednesday 25 June 2014

latest paintings

Here are the two I've been working on for Byard Summer Show in Cambridge
                                         Tryst, Oil on canvas 90 cm x 90 cm

                                          Bringing in the tray, oil on canvas 90cm x 90cm

they will be £1400

Friday 16 May 2014

eeek last post was months ago!

Well I have been working ...promise.
I have finished an interior of a florist!

and am working on a couple of new paintings for the summer show at Byard in Cambridge.

I've just finished tutoring three weeks of a five week short course 'Adventures in life drawing' at the Pacciti Company, Think Tank in Ipswich, with the lovely Blue modelling, and that's going well and I have begun teaching an eight week evening class at the institute.

I dunno about the performance art malarkey,
I have been still been exploring the self portraits tho' as I've been teaching oil painting through portraiture to my students... (All three of them, more welcome please) in my studio on a Tuesday morning, and so have been demonstrating the process. (Its a new take on the brutal selfie...)

here's a couple of works...

and the process


Wednesday 19 February 2014

Latest ideas to work on

Under the skin

I have bought a very large drawing board to make the face the main focus.
I still want to start with the touch, with feelings, emotions before changing the emphasis to what it looks like, still keeping the layers, the rubbing out, the exploring and the re layering.

Further to a conversation with Gina I began thinking about concentrating the focus on the
drawing and artificial means to make the drawing difficult. 
We discussed, using gloves, false nails, gauntlets, big shoes, heavy shoes, very high heels.
(Feminism, I can't keep it at bay.... )
All that lead to a  re thinking around the plastic surgery and intervention theme.
I have decided to try out using creams, face masks, cucumbers, make up cleansers, as reaction to the drawing and punctuation in the drawing process,  could I use clay to draw with and to put on my face  as a face mask, the drawing and the reality blur. (I still yearn to work on stretched skin, that I can twist and distort like a face lift!)
Exchanging the costumes for various wraps and dressing gowns, using a dressing table as the surgeons slab, the very private spaces become a surgery with its implements to change my face to confront the world.
I still want the piece to have a renaissance feel, the historic face of beauty.

As we grow older as women we try to be even more compliant.
Our face creams / barrier creams are indeed a barrier to within, we mustn’t even fart. We mustn’t fiddle with our hair, argue in case we are difficult. Be good and the world will like you must be a nice lady. Whores swear.
Even as small children girls are held and treated differently to boys, they have to sit still to have their hair brushed and styled, they have more complex clothing. Voices are quieter when they are addressed. Their play and toys are softer and more gentle,
No wonder we strive to be compliant and good. 

So this weekend I will film another tryout and post some stills next week. 

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Why use charcoal?

Why not use paint in my performance? Have been moving the paint around yesterday, (showing some students how I begin, getting them to free up, play with the paint.) and I think some of the work I made could be more interesting than the charcoal in the performance piece, besides I like using colour.  I could use umbers and ochres.

Thursday 23 January 2014

trying out the performance,

 I have had a couple of tryouts this week in the studio, we videoed them. The first time I wore a tee shirt, jeans, had low lighting.

  and drew, explored, overlayed, it was very internal,but you couldn't see the drawing process very well as I was in front of it.

The next night I tried again, I moved around, made the drawing very large, wore costumes, etc etc, But although the drawing was large, I made the face too small and put arms and a body on it, I was rushing a bit so the drawing is too cartoon like. But it was very useful. I know I want it to feel Renaissance in colour tone, but have a raw quality, I don't want to worry about looking attractive, etc, indeed that's part of the point; although the point is getting a bit muddied. I want to say too much. So this weekend, I shall try again, see what that brings up. - gotta start somewhere.

  • Further thoughts
  • I like the muslin- its use was spontaneous but I think I may utilise it further
  • it links from swaddling through to shroud
  • its both timeless and place less.
  • multicultural
  • its the stuff of Renascence Madonnas and girls shifts, its domestic, intimate and simple.
  • its cheap
  • it comes in very long lengths. 
  • it can bind and cover, stretch and float
  • you can film on it and see through it.
  • it can be the pregnancy and baby - I have used it before like this.
  • I can make a mountain of it and climb over it

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