Thursday 22 October 2015

Intensive Gecko workshop

Last week I went on an Intensive weeks workshop with Gecko, (a physical theatre company,) to find out how they devise their pieces. and when I say intensive that's exactly what they were.
from 9.30 in the morning finishing at 5, for a whole week.... we couldn't get enough of it.
Here is a taster of their stuff.
People had come from far away, London, France, Germany Scotland, Italy...  I was the only one fortunate to live locally...
It was soooo fantastic. I found I was fit enough and didn't collapse in a heap after the first day, thanks to yoga.
and I wasn't the only older person...phew!

Amit Lahav is the founder of Gecko and he facilitated the workshops. He was so generous with his ideas and skill. He lead us gently through the week, building with exercises and techniques both physical and  emotional so we learn to recognise and tap into our basic human instincts and breath that is the starting point  for Geckos work. I found strong echos in the way I build my own work, my paintings. How I literally breath the brush strokes and mark making, so the seemingly banal everyday subject matter has , (I hope ) a truth and energy that is the stuff of life. 

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Exhibition at Byard Art

I've been very busy over the last few months preparing 8 new paintings.
If you are in and around Cambridge please pop into Byard Art to see them. the link to the gallery is below or
exhibition opens on 15th October and continues for a month.
                                           'Bistro Lunch', 90cm x 90 cm oil on canvas

                                           'Country Pub' 90cm x 90cm oil on canvas,

                                          'Dreaming of Spring' 100cm x100cm oil on canvas

                                          'The Italian Coffeemaker' 100cmx100cm oil on canvas

                                       Quick cut then off to Hip Hop' 100cm x 100cm oil on canvas,

                                           'Dreaming of Spring' 100cm x100cm oil on canvas

                                          'Cooking the Paella' 100cm x 100cm oil on canvas,

                                           'Working on the Essay' 100cm x 100cm oil on canvas

Friday 2 October 2015

A Descent into Glamour

Looking forward to Giovanna Maria Cassetta opening Firstsite Colchester  
tonight performing her 'A Descent into Glamour'

Photo Kerry Brown

Follow the link below to hear her talking about it at the Spill Festival in Ipswich.

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