Thursday 28 October 2010

latest studies

 heres the one we will be working on for a couple of weeks.
I thought I would do some in acrylic on paper...(I was trying to save money as I'm not selling anything - and can't get some new gallery's either, - too contemporary or not contemporary enough- same old story...grrrr)  but now I wish i had used canvas and oil...Don't you just love that red....

ooooh I am enjoying thease loose studies.Here are some more..

I have finished the last painting...the one I was experimenting with.
and I have been reworking some of the paintings from the May show at Southwold, I think they now have more oomph!!!



Monday 18 October 2010

back from Zoes place at Le Moulin de Conche

Back, rested and inspired.- Zoe is getting on well. I could be very bossy and command her back to bed to rest. - well we have been friends since we were eight or nine..phew!!!
We had fresh figs for breakfast, veg from the garden and water from the source...not bad eh?

some pics for you.
I took some photos to use in the earth paintings,- woman yearning and friendship!!
I'll show you in a few months when they are starting to happen.

Thursday 7 October 2010

Its hard going at the moment

Well finaly got up and after much divertions walk the dog, empty dishwasher, etc draged myself to the studio.
It gets like this from time to time. Painting is such a crass, empty,  self indulgent thing to can interlectulize it all you like,- "you talk for people, create a spiritual language for them to identify with... etc, etc", Its still self indulgent. - but staying in bed is even more crass and self indulgent so up I get.
I have taken some photos of H n I  in the throes of passion.. they are quite nice really, I like the idea of oldish lovers...usually depicted lovers are young and lithe- and I have printed them out and bunged them on the wall to mull over.
as I sold nothing from the last exhibition I'm looking at some of those paintings again and re working them, you have to face the fact that although there is a recession and I cant expect to sell as many, - one a month to none is a big drop... The paintings were nice as  a group but individually perhaps some have no oomph!! so I'am going over them..
I'm off to visit an old friend of mine in the mountains of France next week, She has been poorly and I'm going to help her lift wood..Ha! that's my excuse anyway. I can't wait. Mountain air and her great company in her  beautiful interesting home, and lots of art chat too. See you when I get back.

Saturday 2 October 2010

Exploring the backgrounds

Here I have started working over the white gessoed area with a knife and then have made the background mauve.

With this one I have worked quickly over the meauve pre-prepared background. I have made some more canvases in different colors, ready to do some more gestural expressive paintings from the model. As I was quite pleased with the mauve results, I have prepared a large expressive background, paint, plaster and glue, ready to work the entwined lovers paintings,- which is part of my new Earth stuff.
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