Saturday 22 January 2011

excited about painting

ohhh I'm getting stuck in there..
I had planed to paint over christmas.. Daughter home from Uni and so a trapped model...and also planned to make lots of potraits but had flu so couldn't work... then I  lost the camera lead hence no postings,but I thought I would write anyway... Then when I look back I know I did feel encouraged for a bit. (just found lead so can add pics)

From the model I'm working on short gestural paintings, the longer gestural paintings...- when she very kindly holds painful poses for ages so it looks instant, like I'm capturing a moment...
on backgrounds of bluey green, ochre and indian red.

and a long pose on black background with pants and vest.. I think looks urban and free.
I'm also working on the earth /entwined /love paintings... on reds and ocher backgrounds .. got to explore and add the drips and varnish and stains... want it to look like figures trapped in amber or something, and decide weather to paint n detail or whatever... so trying it all... they are quite big.. 100 x 100 cm with another canvas attached.. i like this bits of canvases bolted together.. sort of representing fragments and layers that built a whole...bla bla bla!!!
you know the type of thing...
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