Friday 30 November 2012

enjoying painting again...wey hey!

perhaps the abstract stuff is working... new mantra, must keep it loose, must keep it loose, must keep it loose....

Thursday 15 November 2012


Just had to write.
struggling with moving on, developing etc....
So, got a book on abstraction.
Did the stuff with my Wednesday night class.
I am sooo resistant to this.
Have added elements to the work on the easle over the past few weeks but....
Not enough.
Anyway, decided to pretend I'm on a course.
Work through the book.
Its crap, the pictures are vile, - but they are excersises, no one is looking...
Must shed this barrier.
cleared the walls, cleaned the palets.
Sat again, worked on them again.
Its crap, They are vile.
Wrote on them like an angry adolescent... swear words...
Added blood red paint, scrawled crushed black soooo liberating,
this must be the point..
I am allowing all the vile, unseeable images to flow...know one will see, know one will judge,
therapy man... yey!!!
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