Friday 17 July 2009

frailty of dreams performance

Here is some video taken during a rehersal and the performance of Frailty of Dreams
The whole thing lasted about 10 mins but its cut it down to about 1.
I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday 7 July 2009

trying out uploading videos

this is a bit of trial uploading,
I have just learnt how to edit film and was having a go at a bit of the film of the performance we did last week. Frailty of Dreams. Gina very kindly came and showed Juliet and I how to do this. -She also filmed a rehersal for us.
I was going to upload it then take it off straight away, but I think I will leave it.
Its a bit of film from the middle of the dress rehersal, then the same bit without the sound, then the next bit has a bit of chat, and an affect added, -old film affect.

Saturday 4 July 2009

Nero Artists at the ancient house gallery

Every year a group of us called Nero Artists,- (so named, because we used to meet weekly upstairs in Cafe Nero in Ipswich,) put on a themed show in the Ancient House attic gallery. We put it on at this time cus we were part of the Ip- Art Festival. Unfortunately this year we can't be in the Ip- Art brochure as there is no disabled access to the gallery and we didn't have enough time to find another venue.
But we have gone ahead anyway.- this year the theam is windows. and its fab.
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