Tuesday 18 May 2010

Friday at Blackthorp barns

Phew!!! it went well,- what a relief... you never know how theses arty farty things will go.
it was in a huge meadow... the one on friday will be in a tiny garden... you know how we all love a challenge. I put in the painting with the orange kimono by the way. -thanks for feed back!

Friday 7 May 2010

but - what to put in the Suffolk Open Studio Showcase Exhibition?

its the Suffolk Open Studios
Annual Showcase Exhibition
15th- 23rd May 11am - 5 pm
Blackthorp Barn, Roughham near Bury st Edmunds (A14 Junction 45)
I am going to open my studio for a weekend in June,(19th and 20th) and I have a nice pic in the very lovely brochure,- so I want to put a different painting in the Exhibition.

I have been working weekly for nearly two years now with the same model and have made some interesting paintings and I want to put one of them in. -but which one???
The figure lying is a bit big for the space. (100cm x 100cm) I like the dark background one. I may try the kimono one (90cm x 90cm) with a stronger background.... oohhhh choices!!!!!

Shadow place at the SOS opening.

Its our big experimental performance thing...... it will be great... or ... to quote a close friend "something only a mother could love!" we are doing in a huge meadow at the barns and a week later at a secret location which is really tiny. fun eh!! its supposed to go from dusk to dark,- but dunno it it will get dark early enough, so!!!! we will see.

what to put in blackthorpe barns.

Well two things are going on with the Sufollk Open Studios next week. Its the big showcase exhibition. - If your in Suffolk please come along.
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