Tuesday 24 November 2015

The Blue years Exhibition

Thanks to everyone who came along, it was lovely to see you. I hope you enjoyed the show.
Here are some photos so you can get a taste of the exhibition. 


I gave a little talk explaining the process. How, as Blue and I worked together over the four years it allowed me to look further than the likeness. 

I made large gestural paintings to explore expression, texture,  intention, emotion    
Some series were about the space and composition,
                          and some about the paint marks, the drips.


with some I went with the flow, what happens against black backgrounds, aginst ochre, blue... and some were purely decorative, to give pleasure and please the eye.   

I am so pleased to have looked at this work again. I intend to revisit the things I found with these figure studies in my interior paintings, to play with the surface of the painting, to pull more energy and expression from the surface, to intensify  the contrasts of dark and light. to merge the figurs with the backgrounds... stir things up again. mmmm.

Friday 6 November 2015

Exhibition of Paintings 'The Blue Years'

 I have always worked from the model as part of my practice. I use the tiny observations to build the drawing or painting; I look at the subtle changes of light bouncing off the skin, the delicacy of tone. I enjoy the rapid marks that capture the immediacy and dynamic form of gestural poses.

  For over four years I worked every week with one model, Blue. Sometimes we worked on the same pose for week after week which allowed me to work more deeply than just getting a likeness. In one series I explored the emotion, in another the composition, the humanity. Blue understands what I am trying to evoke in my painting, it has become a two- way exploration with paint and shape. This symbiosis continues in our life drawing classes with, we work as a team.

On Saturday evening, 21st November 6.00 -9.00pm I am having an exhibition of the paintings in my Studio, 'The Blue Years' to which you are very welcome.

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