Monday 25 March 2013

Easter Weekend Art Exhibition at Dedham

This weekend I rejoin my old drawing pals, Jax  Horswill, Angela Harvey and Ruth Richmond for an exhibition at Dedham in Essex.
We will be open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday 11am till late...
I'm going to show the new 'Boys at Bramford River' paintings. Hope you can pop along, fingers crossed for nice weather.

Friday 1 March 2013

lets talk Rockabilly

I can't multitask.... I know as a woman I am supposed to be very good at this, but this aspect of femininity passed me by.
I've been having a difficult time in the studio lately, nothing sells, so they all pile up and then there they sit, looking at you.
I know, I know, its a recession, I've sold well in the past, I should be thrilled with that, and anyway I don't paint to sell...(those ones  are always terrible and have to be painted over anyway.)  But nothing interests me to work on..nothing's new. I try this and that, I have a few ideas mulling about, but nothing cohesive, nothing to get your teeth into.

The other things that I'm into at the moment, are, gardening... I have a new allotment plot, and my... Rockabilly band. I've started singing with a new rockabilly/blues band. A whole new genre for me. Its great, I love it, we rehearse, (we haven't gigged yet.) I look at new songs, I have found fantastic artists, Lavern Baker, Wands Jackson, Ruth Brown, Janis Martin, to name a few. I have a new look,
and a new bullet bra.

 I had a eureka moment this morning,- what a wealth of images and themes...what fun..So, watch this space. Rockabilly world, 50s glam, those dance halls and blue suede shoes.(they feature heavily in the songs.) rock on......
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