Monday 29 July 2013

Been playing with clay,

the air drying kind. My friend told me some tricks, (make the armature with bubble wrap and use sticks in the legs.) I made one little figure from a life sketch, and some more from a day with the model. Here are the ones that survived my fiddling. Really enjoyed it. Gonna do more.

Orlando was home from uni and wanted a painting of him, to hang on his flat wall... starkers with a marijuana leaf and sun glasses, so we spent the afternoon in the studio, with a  roll of wall paper, acrylic paint and lots of coffee.

He has modelled for me before so he knew what he was letting himself in for. He is a good model, he keeps very still, and besides he got to keep the painting. Its now on its way to Maastrich as it was a little too big for Ryan Air cabin luggage.

Thursday 11 July 2013

details of my classes and workshops over the next few months....

Classes / Workshops

Here are the details of the classes and workshops coming up......Please feel free to pass this invite to anyone else you feel may like to come along.

Allow yourself the time to unwind, to simply be. Leave the stress and tension of life outside the studio.

My classes are not about creating masterpieces, but exploration. Immerse yourself in the moment, splash paint around. Have fun! 
Enjoy the earth tones, ochre, umber and ultramarine, pulled from the ground. Play with fiery sunbursts of yellow, red and orange; with bright luminous colours, crimson, turquoise, lemon. Mellow hues of greens and blues capture elusive dreams and memories.
Contemplate the stillness of a stone, a pot. Compare their qualities, size, and shape. Fall in love with the gentle form of a petal; recreate the stunning vistas of another landscape.

Try my new 'Drop-in' classes at my Ipswich Studio, just off the Norwich road. You don’t need to book for a whole course, just come when you can and pay on the day.
Bring your favourite materials, some paper and lots of enthusiasm. 

Tuesday mornings. 
From 3rd September.
10.30 -12.30ish; £10 a session.
Why not work alongside me in my Ipswich Studio, using whatever medium you like and I can help you with advice and     suggestions. Work from still lives, sketches, photographs or your imagination. 

Tuesday Evening Life drawing classes
From 3rd September.
7 o’clock – 9 0’clock; £10 a session.
Exploring from the figure, Using paint, paper, charcoal, pastels and music and laughter we will unlock the mysteries inside us. With brushes, fingers, feathers, scrapers or whatever comes to hand.
I will be modelling and teaching, to keep the cost affordable.  With my clothes on, so don’t worry!
Delve deeper into the human form. Let yourself unlock the door. 

Wednesday night classes    
From start 25th September.   
7 o’clock – 9 0’clock; £10 a session; (£7 concessions)
Develop your Painting and Art Style, non beginners; my popular Suffolk New College evening class, now in my studio.
Practise your skills in painting and drawing in an informal and relaxed way, with lots of help and friendly advice.

 All day Life Drawing Workshop
 Wednesday 21st August 2013    10.30am - 4.00pm 
only £35; includes coffee and biscuits. Please bring a dish to share at lunchtime.

Give yourself the time to develop. Gestural sketches to try out different materials and methods; explore the limits of paint, paper, pencil, charcoal and pastels. Longer poses to really look and experiment. Play with colour, smudge your line.

Again I will be modelling (clothed) and teaching, to keep the cost affordable.
Please contact me if you are interested, so I have an idea of how many are coming.
Tel: 01473 461 324, or e-mail:
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