Friday 16 May 2014

eeek last post was months ago!

Well I have been working ...promise.
I have finished an interior of a florist!

and am working on a couple of new paintings for the summer show at Byard in Cambridge.

I've just finished tutoring three weeks of a five week short course 'Adventures in life drawing' at the Pacciti Company, Think Tank in Ipswich, with the lovely Blue modelling, and that's going well and I have begun teaching an eight week evening class at the institute.

I dunno about the performance art malarkey,
I have been still been exploring the self portraits tho' as I've been teaching oil painting through portraiture to my students... (All three of them, more welcome please) in my studio on a Tuesday morning, and so have been demonstrating the process. (Its a new take on the brutal selfie...)

here's a couple of works...

and the process


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