Friday 26 June 2009

Frailty of Dreams

Shadow Place Presents
Frailty of Dreams

This afternoon I perform Frailty of Dreams. A piece created by myself and Juliet Lockhart -
The artist I am working with on our ongoing project Shadow Place.
we are joined by singer Wendy Rainbow. We will exhibit the costume for the duration of the Ip-Art show at Key Arts. Jasmine had a look yesterday and directed it for us and Gina will film it next week so we can make a short video for the blog etc.
oooh I'm a bit nervous.

Wednesday 17 June 2009

Byard Art is moving to 14 King's Parade

I've been finishing work for Byard Art.

They are moving to
14 Kings's Parade.
Two floors of exhibition space, directly opposite King's College Chapel. -fab.

I've also been working on my latest commissions as well as my weekly life drawing.

Of course I've been gardening at home - we have been eating the first of the strawberries, -and I had a brief trip to France with my good friend Rose. We swam in the nearby river and had a great canoe trip down it too. She taught me "Salute the Sun" and I now do that every day.- I think its helping the old joints and bones....

I'm feeling a bit stuck ideas wise, its like this from time to time. You cant rush it, but I have to admit it, am a bit besotted with sailing dingies, yep- I am getting into sailing.- Living in London as a child, the nearest I got to boats was Swallows and Amazons.- I loved them. Good old captain Nancy. Last year I went on a sailing course at Alton Water, but over the winter I haven't had any opportunity to get on board again.
Now summer is here we are taking long walks along the river and the lure of the boat yard looms ever closer. Hudge is booked on a couple of week-end courses and if he enjoys it there will be no stopping it... A new PROJECT......
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