Thursday 10 December 2009

Adding plaster

The paintings needed a bit of oomph. So I did the plaster thing. The plaster then gets painted over. It gives it a bit more random texture and reminds me to look at surface.

For me it looks a bit like the light has substance and smashes through the glass and bursts into the room.

Thursday 3 December 2009

been struggling with the brush

I've been struggling with the brush. the paintings are getting a bit too " a window into the world" and not enough interesting surface. I am so literal I really need to push- so I'm adding plaster again and action splats to energize the piece, but in the earlier stages, under a layer of paint, mixing brush and knife,- hopefully it will give me energy and impetus.
I'm glad Liam has come to work in the studio. - he is my friends son who wants to develop his oil painting technique. He is interested in different painters to me, I look at their art and it expands my knowledge of contemporary work and encourages me to add some of this into my makes me analyze my work as I am getting complacent.

Friday 20 November 2009

I dreamed of cobalt blue last night.

just a patch. but it was so vivid.

I'm working on new paintings at the moment. Still interiors as ever, same rooms, different light. - a bit different.- not by much, but enough to interest me.
Still painting from the model Tuesday mornings.
A friends son came to work with me in the studio yesterday. He wants to learn how to work in oil paint and develop his style. Its always refreshing to share with young people. He may come each week,- we can work on a still life. I went to work with older artists when I was young. I was lucky enough to meet a great artist, Bill Utermohlen, and I went to his studio each week to draw and paint from life, (with some other artists.) but as well as seeing him draw, I could see the paintings he was working on develop week by week,- great stuff. Just to be in a working studio was really good. It felt do able, and I can see now It was nice for him too.

Tuesday 3 November 2009

exhibition at the Pin Mill Gallery

My exhibition at The Pin Mill Gallery starts this
Saturday 7th November 09, 6-9
and continues till
Saturday 9th january 2010

Thursday 22 October 2009

Still struggling with boats for Pin Mill Show

I'm working with a brush on this series not a pallet knife like usual.

four boats

I like this, of course its a fluke,

the yellow boat

in this study I went for the simple effect but it has no tightness or tension


so I added more detail. -but perhaps too much. that's the difficult bit. I enjoy the balance of colour, the yellow on the roof echoing the boat, the complimentary blues. I was interested in the figure when I took the photo. If I make a big painting I may hone in on that bit

The white boat painting.

I found I was working on the dynamic of the waves, so I removed the clouds to focus on them.
the composition then wasn't working as it had so much sky so then I re painted the boat higher up so that the work was even more about the water,- but now its insipid,

so once again I have put back a dramatic sky and strengthened the boat making simple marks,- but the drawing of the boat isn't as good, although the exaggerated slant perhaps suggests more of a wreck.

the green boat

same struggle as before,
trying to find answers as so many have before me.Trying to find the balance and harmony, to draw the viewers attention to the aspects that interest me most. again I may just focus on the figure if I
make a bigger painting.

Thursday 8 October 2009

still doing boats

ooh, not sure about them. I work n rework them... to make them simpler. Hmmm
I'm going to a class at the institute to improve my french.- boy, it needs improving.
but I seem to instantly revert to being 14. Its so hard. My mind goes to mush. I'm listening to Michele Thomas too. on Audio books.. down loading that and then getting it onto mp3 files n Cd's etc was a challenge.
I also have joined a guitar class. The first class was great. I felt rejuvenated. The tutor is really hip, in an old muso type of way, black clothes, long nails and a grey pony tail. He plays flamenco.- Fab.

Tuesday 29 September 2009

Lemon yellow and brush strokes

Time passes,
I'm working towards a show at Pin mill in early November.
There are lots of boats there so its a chance to paint some nautical pictures.
Tuesday mornings working from the model is still wonderful. I'm working from the same pose for many weeks. The paintings are exciting to me.
I do love working from life.
I want to paint a different person each day for a year or so - like Aubach. I shall ask around, its relaxing for the person to come and sit for a morning or afternoon - its a two way thing. they will be clothed and I don't mind if they read or sleep or do their yoga.

Wednesday 9 September 2009

Byard Art show starts Thursday

The old cellar door

I've just taken new work to Cambridge for byard Art's Figuratively Speaking exhibition which stars Thursday 10th September and continues until 4th October. P.V. this Thursday 6-8pm

Painting the door frame

Painting the door

Walking the horses

Monday 7 September 2009

Sunday trip to Barnards farm

On Sunday Hudge and I went to Barnards Farm near Brentwood in Essex
It was great. A fantastic collection of sculpture in an exciting garden and on 6th of September they show their collection of vintage cars and bicycles.
Me with a great Elizabeth Frink.

Tuesday 1 September 2009

September again

Well, I'm back into the swing of it again after a very relaxing and revitalizing time.
We went to France and canoed and swam in the river, watched paragliding, went to Mont st Michelle. Orlando and Hudge swung in the trees, we went to a couple of Monday evening concerts at Point D'Ouilly, Heard a lovely singer at L'Beauzart place at Thury Harcourt,. We decided to turn the basement into a studio/gallery and do open studios in the Swiss Normand next year, (- so if your touring near Cleasy pop in.) - got some lovely photos for inspiration. - then we rushed back to collect Natalia and have a day sorting out electrical stuff. (I-pods etc) then dashed to Gatwick for a trip to Limone at Lake Garda.- wow, we had a fab time. Its soooo beautiful there. Lake views from our room and twisting streets with shutters and bougainvillea. Lemon groves and wonderful secret glimpses through wrought iron gates. Swimming in the clear waters of the lake. There was an exciting electrical storm one evening. Again very inspiring. I schlepped art stuff with but it was too hot to sit and paint. so I read huge amounts of easy reading instead.
Back home we have started our weekly drawing again, I have finished off the paintings for Byards next show. "Figuratively speaking" and I am looking forward to working on the new stuff. I am working quite loosley at the moment, with a brush not a pallet knife and enjoying the marks it makes. -and I have changed yellow.....ooohhh risky.

Where did summer go?

Blimey, the time has zoomed past.
I finished a couple of commisions in july.
the allotment painting and this painting called a moments peace.
I enjoyed painting both of them and hopefully the people liked them.- they said they did.

Friday 17 July 2009

frailty of dreams performance

Here is some video taken during a rehersal and the performance of Frailty of Dreams
The whole thing lasted about 10 mins but its cut it down to about 1.
I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday 7 July 2009

trying out uploading videos

this is a bit of trial uploading,
I have just learnt how to edit film and was having a go at a bit of the film of the performance we did last week. Frailty of Dreams. Gina very kindly came and showed Juliet and I how to do this. -She also filmed a rehersal for us.
I was going to upload it then take it off straight away, but I think I will leave it.
Its a bit of film from the middle of the dress rehersal, then the same bit without the sound, then the next bit has a bit of chat, and an affect added, -old film affect.

Saturday 4 July 2009

Nero Artists at the ancient house gallery

Every year a group of us called Nero Artists,- (so named, because we used to meet weekly upstairs in Cafe Nero in Ipswich,) put on a themed show in the Ancient House attic gallery. We put it on at this time cus we were part of the Ip- Art Festival. Unfortunately this year we can't be in the Ip- Art brochure as there is no disabled access to the gallery and we didn't have enough time to find another venue.
But we have gone ahead anyway.- this year the theam is windows. and its fab.

Friday 26 June 2009

Frailty of Dreams

Shadow Place Presents
Frailty of Dreams

This afternoon I perform Frailty of Dreams. A piece created by myself and Juliet Lockhart -
The artist I am working with on our ongoing project Shadow Place.
we are joined by singer Wendy Rainbow. We will exhibit the costume for the duration of the Ip-Art show at Key Arts. Jasmine had a look yesterday and directed it for us and Gina will film it next week so we can make a short video for the blog etc.
oooh I'm a bit nervous.

Wednesday 17 June 2009

Byard Art is moving to 14 King's Parade

I've been finishing work for Byard Art.

They are moving to
14 Kings's Parade.
Two floors of exhibition space, directly opposite King's College Chapel. -fab.

I've also been working on my latest commissions as well as my weekly life drawing.

Of course I've been gardening at home - we have been eating the first of the strawberries, -and I had a brief trip to France with my good friend Rose. We swam in the nearby river and had a great canoe trip down it too. She taught me "Salute the Sun" and I now do that every day.- I think its helping the old joints and bones....

I'm feeling a bit stuck ideas wise, its like this from time to time. You cant rush it, but I have to admit it, am a bit besotted with sailing dingies, yep- I am getting into sailing.- Living in London as a child, the nearest I got to boats was Swallows and Amazons.- I loved them. Good old captain Nancy. Last year I went on a sailing course at Alton Water, but over the winter I haven't had any opportunity to get on board again.
Now summer is here we are taking long walks along the river and the lure of the boat yard looms ever closer. Hudge is booked on a couple of week-end courses and if he enjoys it there will be no stopping it... A new PROJECT......

Monday 18 May 2009


I've been let out of the studio....
been to two visits in a week. I go for months without seeing a show then one after the other. Arn't i a lucky woman.
went last Sunday to visit Henry Moores' house and studios at Hoglands at Perry Green.
the house is interesting, - untouched since he died, even old notes about Christmas boxes to the milkman on the pin board. Then you can look around the gardens and sheep field and see lots of sculptures and his studio and workshops are fascinating with lots of helpful people to explain how his huge pieces were made. especially interesting to me was in his workshop there is a view of a hill with the large sculpture on it. There were two small mackettes that he tried out, they are tiny, but the scale is perfect. He could hold them up and they looked like they were on the hill, so he could see if they would work in situ before developing them further. Also in the workshop was a huge elephants skull that he liked to draw, and his natural forms (stones etc) that he abstracted to make his works.

Second trip was to Cambridge. I visited the Fitzwilliam Museum and saw an exhibition of Japanese prints and books. - wonderful, and then on to another house. Kettles Yard which was the home of Jim Ede, a former curator at the Tate Gallery, London, and his wife, Helen. It houses Ede's collection of art, mostly of the first half of the twentieth century.
It is three old cottages in Cambridge which have been knocked together allowing the spaces within join and flow. a lovely space to be in. very simply painted white, with indirect light from skylights. The collection is lovely but its the atmosphere of the place that is so appealing. It is very welcoming and comfortable. you can sit in the sofas and read the books. you feel you are an invited guest. - Again the people there are so helpful and friendly.
both place well worth a visit.

Sunday 3 May 2009

Alternative Miss World

We went last night to the Roundhouse to see Andrew Logan's Alternative Miss World.
Brilliant. Such a relaxed time. The costumes were inspirational.
My friend Scarlet held up the numbers and was as beautiful as ever.

Saturday 25 April 2009

back from my holidays

Been away to France and then away with my Mum to Cornwall to visit the Lost Gardens of Helegon and the Eden Project.
I'm now enthused with ideas. Last month I wondered If I would ever want to paint again. - I go through this from time to time,- and now I'm brimming with stuff. The usual thing, doors, windows, people doing everyday things. - But there were lots of boats in a harbour so I may do some watery paintings again.

Thursday 2 April 2009


Sometimes you just can't resist.
It just had to be painted.
Its quite big, about 70cm x 100cm. I've called it simply Spring.
I have found it hard to get the energy into the paintings if they are too small.

I've taken it to Buckenham Galleries along with another couple of paintings.

Light energizing the stillness. 100x100cm

Hazy Attic. 100x100cm

Friday 27 March 2009

changing a painting

I'm going to put a painting in the key arts members show.
I think I'll put in this painting called Titania restless.
re looking at it. it is too obscure,

so....I have painted the background a green to suggest grass, the velvet cloth she is lying on suggests rose petals so I am changing the cloth shape so that is more obvious. I may add more flowers so she is in a flowery bower.

Monday 23 March 2009

how the young do it.

just been to my young friend Maya Littmans site.
such fun. -thats how to do it.

Friday 13 March 2009

We went to Budapest

Hudge and I went to Budapest a few weeks ago for a long week-end,
we had a great time, we stayed in the old town and we went to the labyrinth, its under the castle, miles of it. If you go after dark they give you oil lamps and you can have a good spooky explore, there were great exhibits, all a bit tongue in cheek. mock cave paintings, a Pans alter - complete with flowing wine. - and futuristic found fossils, - a trainer, a tyre, a giant coke bottle.-

- We traipsed about the city, saw museums, shops, fab bars, art, its a lot like Brussels.

Tuesday 10 February 2009

50th birthday party

we had a great party last week.

It was my 50th - gulp!
we had a bohemian, beatnik, cool and jazzy look.- I have never seen so many Beret's and dark glasses together in one room. - so much fun. Sally's pointy boobs get the star prize.

I never usually enjoy my own party's that much, but this time I did. I couldn't hide in the kitchen because Orlando and his pals were the waiters and were sorting out the food and Natalia was on the bar.

It was soooo nice to catch up with old friends.
and I was very, very spoilt.

We had a fab Duo singing and playing guitar. GABRIELLE GHRAY.
We found her via the Internet. Lovley voice, - and she really got into the feel of the thing.
check her out on.

Sunday 4 January 2009

New Years Holls

Well its the New Year now!

Hudge, I, Orlando and two of his friends have just got back from a few days in France.
We had a great time. We went to our little house in the Swiss Normond, (we used to have an old crumbling place near Nantes but sold that and got this one last March, nearer and much less crumbling.....this was our first winter there.) We left it a bit late to book the tunnel so had to get an 8.00 train back this morning which meant travelling through the night. - actually exciting, all wrapped up, empty roads.
Late New Years Eve after dinner, we were all enjoying the fire and Hudge went downstairs for a quick pee. (you have to be quick cus its bloody freezing and you could freeze your knackers off.)
he was peeing away happy in the knowledge that we were deep in the country and although the curtain was only half up, who could see..... when there was a tap at the window and there were three lovely ladies, - they were our neighbours inviting us for a celebratory drink... hopefully they weren't too worried, - this is the land of the urinal, and so off we went next door to join the party.
Well we are back now, rested and ready for the New Year.
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