Monday 14 October 2013

Exhibition coming up

At the Frame Workshop Gallery in Ipswich.

I am exhibiting with Photographer Rhea Williams, fab, moody, shadowy, lovely photos.

As well as a couple of my big domestic interiors, I am showing the Landguard Fort paintings. Landguard Fort is an abandoned military base in Felixstowe, tons of history, last used in the second world war.
The empty rooms are evocative and eerie and sort of romantic, the light is fantastic, and the peeling paint and faded plaster beautiful. (I'm gonna try and add a link thing to the earlier posts with the images.)

I'm also showing the new small, rock and roll paintings. After struggling to push the paintings forward in a looser, more expressive direction, (I think they look almost like the paintings I made years ago. )  I am pleased with the results. I am excited and have started work on big ones again. (hopefully one will be ready in time to show.) The little red ones are 10 ins  and the others 50 cm

I Hope you can get along to see the show. It runs from 1st November - 30th, but The P.V. is Friday, 8th November 7. - 9.p.m.

 as long as I'm moovin

 get with the jive

gotta lotta rhythm

 rock around with Olli Vee

 cat called domino

Saturday 5 October 2013

You Tube post by secret Italian person!

While uploading a couple of songs on You Tube, I found this video f.fiorellin has made of my paintings.
have a look.
thank you f.fiorellin, its lovely.

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