Thursday 17 November 2011

new ideas

Some how from no ideas and doom and gloom,- I have ideas again.
I want to explore theatre, performance and projection again.
I have been working with a friend; Rose Ryan who is a teacher of dance at a sixth form college and a choreographer. I designed the set and costumes for a piece her students are working on using images I took at Landgard Fort in Felixstowe amongst other places. (I want to make a series of paintings based on that too.).
I enjoyed working on the maids last year, and with Shadow place the year before that. So I intend to work again with people and words. Its mulling around in my brain, Evocative dark rooms lit by lamps and projections. Drama and intencity, oooohhhhh! in small venues and outside places, maybe I can squash a few folk into my studio. anyway back to painting for today.
here's some images of Landgard fort where I will take Orlando for a photo shoot in the spring. - fab eh!

so evocative. timeless.
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