Thursday 10 December 2009

Adding plaster

The paintings needed a bit of oomph. So I did the plaster thing. The plaster then gets painted over. It gives it a bit more random texture and reminds me to look at surface.

For me it looks a bit like the light has substance and smashes through the glass and bursts into the room.

Thursday 3 December 2009

been struggling with the brush

I've been struggling with the brush. the paintings are getting a bit too " a window into the world" and not enough interesting surface. I am so literal I really need to push- so I'm adding plaster again and action splats to energize the piece, but in the earlier stages, under a layer of paint, mixing brush and knife,- hopefully it will give me energy and impetus.
I'm glad Liam has come to work in the studio. - he is my friends son who wants to develop his oil painting technique. He is interested in different painters to me, I look at their art and it expands my knowledge of contemporary work and encourages me to add some of this into my makes me analyze my work as I am getting complacent.
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