Wednesday 10 December 2008

Nearly finished

well I've been working hard at the two commissions and they are very nearly finished.
yesterday I gave a demonstration /talk thing and used the one of the children in the sea. It was good to explain my process, it makes me think about how I work and the way I would like to.

just been to the health club- Clarice House, wont call it the Gym cus I don't do any exercises there.
I swim, - slowly but with goggles and go in the Jacuzzi and sauna and steam rooms. but its fantastic for my health cus I unwind. stretch my muscles and relax. Evan when I'm not there just knowing i can go is great. Its like a holiday in my head. I go to the pilates classes too.

1 comment:

Hudge said...

Nice. Looks cool. I'll follow it and maybe get to know a little about you....

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