Tuesday 10 February 2009

50th birthday party

we had a great party last week.

It was my 50th - gulp!
we had a bohemian, beatnik, cool and jazzy look.- I have never seen so many Beret's and dark glasses together in one room. - so much fun. Sally's pointy boobs get the star prize.

I never usually enjoy my own party's that much, but this time I did. I couldn't hide in the kitchen because Orlando and his pals were the waiters and were sorting out the food and Natalia was on the bar.

It was soooo nice to catch up with old friends.
and I was very, very spoilt.

We had a fab Duo singing and playing guitar. GABRIELLE GHRAY.
We found her via the Internet. Lovley voice, - and she really got into the feel of the thing.
check her out on.

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