Tuesday 1 September 2009

September again

Well, I'm back into the swing of it again after a very relaxing and revitalizing time.
We went to France and canoed and swam in the river, watched paragliding, went to Mont st Michelle. Orlando and Hudge swung in the trees, we went to a couple of Monday evening concerts at Point D'Ouilly, Heard a lovely singer at L'Beauzart place at Thury Harcourt,. We decided to turn the basement into a studio/gallery and do open studios in the Swiss Normand next year, (- so if your touring near Cleasy pop in.) - got some lovely photos for inspiration. - then we rushed back to collect Natalia and have a day sorting out electrical stuff. (I-pods etc) then dashed to Gatwick for a trip to Limone at Lake Garda.- wow, we had a fab time. Its soooo beautiful there. Lake views from our room and twisting streets with shutters and bougainvillea. Lemon groves and wonderful secret glimpses through wrought iron gates. Swimming in the clear waters of the lake. There was an exciting electrical storm one evening. Again very inspiring. I schlepped art stuff with but it was too hot to sit and paint. so I read huge amounts of easy reading instead.
Back home we have started our weekly drawing again, I have finished off the paintings for Byards next show. "Figuratively speaking" and I am looking forward to working on the new stuff. I am working quite loosley at the moment, with a brush not a pallet knife and enjoying the marks it makes. -and I have changed yellow.....ooohhh risky.

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