Thursday 22 October 2009

Still struggling with boats for Pin Mill Show

I'm working with a brush on this series not a pallet knife like usual.

four boats

I like this, of course its a fluke,

the yellow boat

in this study I went for the simple effect but it has no tightness or tension


so I added more detail. -but perhaps too much. that's the difficult bit. I enjoy the balance of colour, the yellow on the roof echoing the boat, the complimentary blues. I was interested in the figure when I took the photo. If I make a big painting I may hone in on that bit

The white boat painting.

I found I was working on the dynamic of the waves, so I removed the clouds to focus on them.
the composition then wasn't working as it had so much sky so then I re painted the boat higher up so that the work was even more about the water,- but now its insipid,

so once again I have put back a dramatic sky and strengthened the boat making simple marks,- but the drawing of the boat isn't as good, although the exaggerated slant perhaps suggests more of a wreck.

the green boat

same struggle as before,
trying to find answers as so many have before me.Trying to find the balance and harmony, to draw the viewers attention to the aspects that interest me most. again I may just focus on the figure if I
make a bigger painting.

1 comment:

Edcooper_art said...

Hi Annabel,

Just restarted my old blog!..thought I would drop by...Great post about the boats! Just have to keep plugging away...I like the white one!
Ive put down the brush and been out sketching this week!
GOing to try and catch up with my admin stuff now!

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