Wednesday 6 January 2010

Its a new year

I've been in the studio but its so cold it takes the paintings for ever to dry.
I'm finishing off a commission at the moment, working on three paintings for the affordable art fair in March and slogging away at my big snow picture. I started it last year when it snowed, then the snow thawed and I put it aside till this year- its a view from my studio of the front door and the huge Cottoniaster tree, not all that exciting really. Of course when it snowed again out came the painting. The boughs of the tree have grown and then the snow was so heavy it weighed them down. but I quickly painted hoping to get something down before the thaw... Oh its awful but fun. Well its snowed again so I've got another chance to make it bearable... hey ho!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Well, I think the way we are headed you may have a whole week or more to work on your snow painting. I can't believe I'm in London (and not Norway!!) - so ENJOY!

And Happy New Year to you all. Don't slog too hard XXX

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