Friday 1 July 2011

Weekend painting courses in Pin mill in Suffolk

It went rather well... it was the first of the oil painting courses I am doing at the Pin Mill Gallery and Studio.
I did a demo in the morning, then they all tried out using oil paints, brushes, palette knifes etc.We had a fabulous lunch at the Butt and Oyster with views over the river, then back to the studio for coffee, off out to sketch and take a few snaps to use as source material,and after that they painted all afternoon.... they were knackered. Day two a quick crit then some more painting ..(I didn't feel too well, so rested a bit, perhaps a good thing cus they needed to get on with painting and not have me commenting all the time,) . Lunch again (I took the opportunity to have a nap) and painting till the end of the day. I felt better and chirpy and I bet they wished I was still under the weather cus I made up for the relaxed morning. They did really well, they were very brave exploring the paint, they seemed to get on together and they said they enjoyed it and learnt something...I'm looking forward to the next one in august.But hooray I got inspired, Pin Mill is a fab place, boats and jetty's and mud, mud, mud, with kids wading and splashing and getting absolutely plastered in it. Next week I am off to France but I am back for August and my summer project just has to be down at Pin Mill, gotta get those kids trapped on my canvas.
I hung a few of my paintings up in the Wild Raspberry at Pin Mill Gallery there, (its a great little place, they do fun crafts, Painting ceramics decoupace and mosaics, and you can have a coffee and wonderful home made cakes. )

The one of the boys playing at the weir in Ipswich, a couple of the expressive nudes that I put up at the woodbridge libry, three new big nude on black ones and a couple of smallert. clothed ones.

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