Friday 1 March 2013

lets talk Rockabilly

I can't multitask.... I know as a woman I am supposed to be very good at this, but this aspect of femininity passed me by.
I've been having a difficult time in the studio lately, nothing sells, so they all pile up and then there they sit, looking at you.
I know, I know, its a recession, I've sold well in the past, I should be thrilled with that, and anyway I don't paint to sell...(those ones  are always terrible and have to be painted over anyway.)  But nothing interests me to work on..nothing's new. I try this and that, I have a few ideas mulling about, but nothing cohesive, nothing to get your teeth into.

The other things that I'm into at the moment, are, gardening... I have a new allotment plot, and my... Rockabilly band. I've started singing with a new rockabilly/blues band. A whole new genre for me. Its great, I love it, we rehearse, (we haven't gigged yet.) I look at new songs, I have found fantastic artists, Lavern Baker, Wands Jackson, Ruth Brown, Janis Martin, to name a few. I have a new look,
and a new bullet bra.

 I had a eureka moment this morning,- what a wealth of images and themes...what fun..So, watch this space. Rockabilly world, 50s glam, those dance halls and blue suede shoes.(they feature heavily in the songs.) rock on......

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