Thursday 26 September 2013

Flyers ordered!

Flyers, business cards and labels all ordered. Ready for the exhibition at the Frame Workshop in November.
 I'm actually enjoying being in the studio at the moment, I have some air drying clay..(not Das but other stuff, from Amazon, @ £17 for 12.5 kilos) cheap enough to experiment with. I  made little sculptures from the life model the other week at asylum studio drawing day ...

 Can't wait to go tomorrow and make more. This is the first batch, I  coloured them too. Then I made more, both from life and from some of the quick  drawings  I have sketched over the years. I sorted though all the old drawings and chucked hundreds, so cathartic. I'm gonna try using the wire from the sketchbooks as a sculpting thing too.... go with the flow!

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