Wednesday 19 February 2014

Latest ideas to work on

Under the skin

I have bought a very large drawing board to make the face the main focus.
I still want to start with the touch, with feelings, emotions before changing the emphasis to what it looks like, still keeping the layers, the rubbing out, the exploring and the re layering.

Further to a conversation with Gina I began thinking about concentrating the focus on the
drawing and artificial means to make the drawing difficult. 
We discussed, using gloves, false nails, gauntlets, big shoes, heavy shoes, very high heels.
(Feminism, I can't keep it at bay.... )
All that lead to a  re thinking around the plastic surgery and intervention theme.
I have decided to try out using creams, face masks, cucumbers, make up cleansers, as reaction to the drawing and punctuation in the drawing process,  could I use clay to draw with and to put on my face  as a face mask, the drawing and the reality blur. (I still yearn to work on stretched skin, that I can twist and distort like a face lift!)
Exchanging the costumes for various wraps and dressing gowns, using a dressing table as the surgeons slab, the very private spaces become a surgery with its implements to change my face to confront the world.
I still want the piece to have a renaissance feel, the historic face of beauty.

As we grow older as women we try to be even more compliant.
Our face creams / barrier creams are indeed a barrier to within, we mustn’t even fart. We mustn’t fiddle with our hair, argue in case we are difficult. Be good and the world will like you must be a nice lady. Whores swear.
Even as small children girls are held and treated differently to boys, they have to sit still to have their hair brushed and styled, they have more complex clothing. Voices are quieter when they are addressed. Their play and toys are softer and more gentle,
No wonder we strive to be compliant and good. 

So this weekend I will film another tryout and post some stills next week. 

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