Thursday 19 February 2015

a demonstration/performance on 24th January 2015

So do you remeber my under the skin project.....
on 24th Jan I did a two part Demo, 
Underneath the skin
an examination into the process of portrait drawing to discover the person within...
you can see it here....
Part one
As a figurative artist I am interested in how face, body and identity are discovered, represented and perceived in portraiture, and how this relates to our intimate feelings about beauty and ageing, both of ourselves and of others. 
In the first part of this performance/demonstration I used a mirror to produce a self-portrait.  I tried to discover whether I am representing the external or internal self.  Using charcoal I  altered, smeared, and developed the portrait.  As I reflected on my own image, the audience were engaged as I asked for their opinions and directions.  
In the second part I made a portrait of a sitter, Again talking to and consulting the audience, and the sitter, I sketched, changed and rubbed the work as I explored what was a true, or a sympathetic, or a flattering image.  
I am the artist.  I can judge - is she young enough, pretty enough, good enough....
Well that was the plan.... I didn't push it as far as I might have. 
The first half was OK, but in the second part I found I too was constrained by society, I just couldn't say things that could be upsetting or very confrontational... I wanted to please, be a 'nice lady'
When I  do this again next month at the Changing understandings of body image workshop at the University of Warwick 
I am going to take on the different roles of The Artist and announce them so it is not so personal to me. I'm sure I will explore some other ideas I have mulling around.

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