Thursday 24 September 2015

Under the Skin project.

Today I started working with a young man on the project.
He approached me on New Years day interested in working with an artist.
He has cerebral palsy and he tends to move a lot.
Here is a link to his blog, take a look you will find it interesting.

I thought my Under the Skin project could be an interesting way to work together.
We got together and chatted about how to move forward and this afternoon he came and sat for me- the first of a series of sittings where we will explore with paint.

I showed him some work I had done a few years ago exploring the figure and movement.

                                                     I showed him Aubach and Bacon

 As I work we can chat...  
What does he want from this. 
He wants to show other people like him, that disability is not a barrier to explore life.

For me, I want to continue to look at identity, who we are on the inside and how difficult that is to capture as painting is about surface and what we see.... the qualities inside.
How do you capture someone’s sense of humour for example, or their kindness, or determination....?
What unites us…
Too often we see gender, age, physical appearance on which we make our judgements.

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