Tuesday 24 October 2017

Glimpses from the souk

Returning from Morocco last May I wanted to make some work but was overwhelmed with material.
From time to time I can't work. Myriad of reasons. Too much stuff in the head, too much work in the studio... don't want to make more to add to this, plus all the other paintings and art around, why create even more!!!!
Then I couldn't get my show about Leo off the ground. So I felt ... whats the point, etc etc....

Anyway this passes, it always does, and images of my trips to Essaouira and Rabat in Morocco kept arriving in my mind. They processed, composted slowly in the brain, tap tap tapping until I sat at the computer and sorted and cropped and sorted some more.

I printed some out.
I want to make a whole that feels like snippets and glimpses as I explore the alleys and markets of the souk...

Markets have been part of my life, my family always worked on the markets selling clothes, some of my earliest memory s are of rails of garments and vans and calls. I lived in a flat on Walthamstow market for ten years, the rattle of the stalls being set out at 5 in the morning, mixed with my dreams.
So the souk is not so 'other', for me it's a return.

I plan to try to be loose, slightly random, to add old fabric and tissue paper in with my paint.

Here are the starting points. Must try not to get too tight or accurate... keep it as glimpses.

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