Friday 16 February 2018

Saturday 24th February 1.00 pm.Waterfront Gallery, Ipswich. Demonstration of drawing Leo Collins by Annabel Mednick

Beneath the Skin at the Waterfront Gallery, Ipswich. 
Exhibition continues till 28th 9.00 am - 4.00pm
Saturday 12.00-3.00pm
on Saturday 24th February 1.00 pm.
We would like to invite you to a Interactive demonstration  
of drawing  Leo Collins by Annabel Mednick
The call and response between the artist and the sitter is an exciting fluid experience and one that Leo and Annabel would like to share with others.

How is a person with a disability perceived when immortalized in stillness? How do you represent the external and internal self?

In the demonstration they talk together whilst Annabel sketches, changes and rubs the work and explores what is a true, or a sympathetic, or indeed a flattering image. The audience are also engaged as they ask for their opinions and directions. 

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