Tuesday 24 April 2018

Glimpses from the souk

 You may remember I was working on these smaller paintings. 
They are finished and now for sale Buckenham Galleries in Southwold.
Glimpses from the souk

Hanging carpets      40cm x 40cm   Oil on canvas with collage   £400

Tiled archways    40cm x 40cm     Oil on canvas with collage    £400

Light at the end of the alleyway   40cm x 40cm       Oil on canvas with collage   £400

Rugs and seated figure   30cm x 30cm       Oil on canvas with collage     £350

Two figures with cart   30cm x 30cm       Oil on canvas with collage     £350

Crammed shop    25cm x 25cm     Oil on canvas with collage     £300

Three seated figures   25cm x 25cm    Oil on canvas with collage      £300

Figure with yellow crate   20cm x 20cm       Oil on canvas with collage    £250

Yellow umbrellas    20cm x 20cm     Oil on canvas with collage      £250

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