Thursday 13 September 2018

Portrait project

So here are the first little studies from last week.
 And Michelle
They are quite small ...A5. I liked the black background.

In the week I saw a beautiful music video by Tim Arnold. -Change Starring the late wonderful Lindsay Kemp.
(click the link below to see the video )
Tim Arnold - Change (Starring Lindsay Kemp)
 I loved Lindsey Kemp.  I saw flowers at the roundhouse at 14 and I have been enchanted ever since.
The Video is simple, pure.
This is the first layer of the painting I am making of Paul. (Also quite a small painting- 40 x 30 cm)I will let it go where it wants too. Perhaps it will be fluid, perhaps realistic... As we talk and I explore Paul's animated expression... it will be what it will be.

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