Friday 6 September 2019

Nothing sold.

AGAIN!!! Perhaps it's just me. Perhaps it's the turmoil the country is in. Maybe my work no longer appeals. Perhaps the art buyers have so much choice they cant decide.
of course I wonder if the quality of my work has declined.
I know when I paint my thematic work its not going to sell.... Its hard to get a gallery to display it, as they have to pay the bills... and unless you are museum or public space will show it.  Indeed, getting my beneath the skin work out there was such a slog. The curators want to explore their ideas, not to have some 'artist' want to express their own.
I'm sure people thought the exhibition was happily touring... or I would get arts council funding... actually the arts council dosent support work already made. so you cant make a body of work and then apply....
It's hard to keep painting; especially large pieces. I bought lots of pigments to explore tempera...maybe....
I'm going on a 'performance art' workshop this weekend... if you have been following my blog, you know this is something I do from time to time. So I'll explore my ideas with my body, space and light. I might not show the finished piece but at least my cupboard wont get so totally filled up.

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