Thursday 26 March 2020

What now?

So, I had planned to work with Blue intensively in the studio. We had been talking about intention, passive and active, the male gaze, etc. About ten years ago, I used to work with blue weekly in the studio. We did this for a few years.  The work was exciting and explorative.

I had a couple of exhibitions and a few years ago I made this little video about working together. 

So what would the work be like ten years on? Exploring on from the recent life studies, I wanted to work large, have Blue wearing simple sweat pants and vest, hair hanging, hands claw like. I wanted to scrape the form from the paint....add charcol, explore large bold, swathes of paint in the background. Anyway...that’s on hold till the summer. 
So, in contrast I am drawing the empty studio. (I have students twice a week, this is the space without them. A comment on the socal distancing that affects even the artist in her garret!)

I still like the effect that charcoal on gesso paper makes, the darks are so black. I have discovered transparent gesso so I am drawing on some brown carpet underlay paper that I had saved for a rainy day as its hard to get hold of.

I have to say, architectural drawing is not my forte...the small studies were too small so I couldn't do any mark making but they were ok to sort out the composition... anyway, here is the development so far.

For those that know me... the trusty stick!

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