Monday 29 June 2020

exploring the figure, a different look at life painting

So, what am I trying to discover? Here I am exploring, the interaction between model and artist, the model not being a 'thing', (I find no need for a naked person.) The model being a human, a person, Not Passive! The figure, not a specific gender, and the model in the space. In these paintings I am removing the colour to see how the paint and form intersects, trying to explore how the air is displaced. Also I am trying to discover, a sort of inner person, an inner energy that embodies the form and arches across the room to create a dialoge between artist and model that encompasses the time we take..... sort of thing.....I am trying to get the feelings I get in my gestural drawings. The paint is quite thick, but not thick enough, - perhaps when I have made more I will revisit these poses and make the paint thicker.

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