Thursday 8 June 2023

Clecy exhibition 2023 - A little preview!



Clecy is a lovely village in the heart of the Suisse Normande. Down a cobbled street, above a florist's shop is the gallery Ateliers 48 - how romantic is that!

My exhibition 'Interaction' has some paintings I have shown before, and many new, expressive works.

I am interested in how I - Annabel Mednick, the artist, a woman, a person - work with my model, Blue King, who is also woman and a person; not a specific gender and certainly not a passive 'thing'. I look, and I respond to the person before me. An inner energy embodies the person, which arches across the room to create a dialogue between artist and model. (I will be playing the video Blue and I made about working together.)

Recently I have been working on the gaze between model and artist; the person within the space; the interaction between us; and how the invisible air around us is displaced as we move through it.

I am also showing three large paintings of the figure interacting in a space.  I am interested in how the viewer makes the interaction with the still image. Because the viewer has movement, it is their movement that activates the action in the art. The art is dormant in the empty room.

I wanted to make the whole space interactive; so in the center of the space, you find a chair, an easel and paper with an almost finished drawing. The viewer is invited to imagine the interaction between the absent artist and sitter.

I am showing some of the self portraits I made, instigated by touch... (I find them amusing...why shouldn't art be funny?) 

I have also included some of the sketches and paintings I made when I was working with Leo Collins, and the little video of a demonstration... interacting with the audience ... (with french subtitles of course!)





Delia Tournay-Godfrey said...

Well done Annabel, you have been working hard, exhibition looks great, hope you have lots of visitors and feedback, Dxxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Annabell wishing we. Oils be there to see it. It thank you for sharing.

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