Tuesday 29 June 2010

The Show at the Frame Workshop Gallery

I took the paintings to the Frame Workshop Gallery in Ipswich, Suffolk, today first thing this morning and left them with Robin the Gallery owner with a hurried, "sorry to rush off,- and ooh I haven't put strings on the back,- I just haven't had a moment. I'll be back to help after drawing at about two. I'll help then"
and I dashed off , leaving a calm and collected Robin with them all. I do have absolute trust in him. He frames pictures beautifully and has always hung the shows well before;- but when I arrived at 2.15 it was all done and he had surpassed himself. Wow it looks great, there are two sorts of sets.- large paintings of solo figures of girls/women in strong colored dresses twisting in restless poses along one wall and some of the usual large interiors along another as well as a large painting of horses that he has place on an easel in the window and a few smaller studies around a long painting of a woman's back. - no easy job. I wish i had had a private view now as it looks so fab, it runs from
30th June to 29th July.

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