Tuesday 22 June 2010

trying out ideas for Keyarts show " Hybrid"

During my Open Studios weekend I thought I would explore some Ideas for Keyarts Ip-art show "Hybrid"... hmmmm..... The idea was a woman emerging from the walls of St Marys church; the Keyarts space.- like a dryad, but of plaster. So I got some plaster bandage-mudroc
and as Natalia was home that week- end she very kindly agreed to be subjected to this.

I did the body first, then cut it off her, let it dry, stitched it up then covered it with pink plaster. - the church walls are pink.- I then did her head, and leg. - the idea was to attach the head to the body, then make it look like it was coming out of the wall. You would have to have much greater skill than I to make this work. But it was very interesting to have a go.... and other ideas emerged from this.A sort of gothic frankenstine stiched thing, or a thing about body image, a big breast and a small one stitched onto a torso...
anyway, interesting as it was I don't think its succesfull enough to put into the show, but I'm glad I had a go.

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