Thursday 9 September 2010

next direction

ooohhh Its so hard to get going on the next stage.
I have a feeling for how I want the work to develop but how to get there... and how not to put up barriers before I have even begun.
I want to work on emotion, whats inside.. I have looked at this before of course but I want this work to be bigger than before and more abstract.
I'll show other artists who are my influences as I go on.
the drippy traumatic paintings from my life studies excite me. They are the way I want to go this year.I found that little project from the summer very interesting.
I'm thinking, earth, parched dry, expansive, earth colors, pigments, rocks,
that the figure is part of the earth. drips, melting, merging.
lovers entwined, fusing, old, eternal, whats love? not the surface but in and under, beneath.
woman beaten down, exhausted by shouting, screaming, but never beaing heard, throat parched, dry earth.
loosing, loosing, frustration, empty, full.

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