Thursday 23 January 2014

trying out the performance,

 I have had a couple of tryouts this week in the studio, we videoed them. The first time I wore a tee shirt, jeans, had low lighting.

  and drew, explored, overlayed, it was very internal,but you couldn't see the drawing process very well as I was in front of it.

The next night I tried again, I moved around, made the drawing very large, wore costumes, etc etc, But although the drawing was large, I made the face too small and put arms and a body on it, I was rushing a bit so the drawing is too cartoon like. But it was very useful. I know I want it to feel Renaissance in colour tone, but have a raw quality, I don't want to worry about looking attractive, etc, indeed that's part of the point; although the point is getting a bit muddied. I want to say too much. So this weekend, I shall try again, see what that brings up. - gotta start somewhere.

  • Further thoughts
  • I like the muslin- its use was spontaneous but I think I may utilise it further
  • it links from swaddling through to shroud
  • its both timeless and place less.
  • multicultural
  • its the stuff of Renascence Madonnas and girls shifts, its domestic, intimate and simple.
  • its cheap
  • it comes in very long lengths. 
  • it can bind and cover, stretch and float
  • you can film on it and see through it.
  • it can be the pregnancy and baby - I have used it before like this.
  • I can make a mountain of it and climb over it

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