Wednesday 3 June 2020

so back to the studio again.

Just finished this...

Fading, 100 x 100cm oil on canvas

Isolation 50 x 50 cm oil on canvas

so you can see the size.

Quick update. So did a couple of the view from the house... the weeks passed, and the forsythia flowers faded and went, but I captured them with golden paint. Actually, the painting was a struggle... too little detail, then too much, (at one time it was like a picture for a jigsaw puzzle, very nice n all that but sooo bland...) anyway I made the paint thicker and thicker till I rediscovered my voice.

This is Forsythia and Sunlight.100 x 80cm
oil on canvas

then I did this...Trancycarpus and Ferns also 100 x 80 cm oil on canvas.

its bloody hard to get the paint really thick!!!!!

Then...enough with the plants... I missed painting people...

So, I took everything back in the studio.

 I had planned to work with Blue before lockdown as I said in my last post. Anyway a few weeks ago, she came and modelled for me in the a distance of course, and that work is ongoing. We explore what we are thinking, what we see...our response to the situation... And I am trying to move my work on from what I did before lockdown... the figure displaces the world around, it breathes and moves, this is not a look at a specific woman, here the figure is just a person. Also, my work with a model helps my work from photographs.


 Here is a taster. Its on going and I work over the pieces, but try to keep the energy and not make them necessarily accurate or recognisable...




Jon Manning said...

Those tasters are to my taste! Mind you I'd want the fully worked up background like 'bringing in the tray'. Imagine these poses and that study of light combined!!

Unknown said...

Love your paintings - I am proud to own a very small study you did of a little girl playing by rockpools. The fern painting is lovely. Are you going to take part in the #Artistsupportpledge ?

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